We're Hiring!

We are looking for a Web Developer/Designer who can conceptualize and implement intuitive UI/UX across browsers and devices.

Role: You will work with our product development team to help create fast, beautiful, and intuitive user interfaces for web applications. You must be able to collaborate with back-end developers, write scalable and modular code, and create a seamless front-end experience for the user.

Requirements: Most importantly, you must be able to share and communicate your thoughts and suggestions effectively with your team. We are looking for someone who can bring fresh ideas to the table and has a knack for learning new things.

Then the usual HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP/Python/NodeJs. If you have experience with MVC architecture and/or PHP/Python/NodeJs Frameworks, even better!

If you are someone who is passionate about creating something new and enthusiastic about working on fairly complex projects with incredibly short development cycles, apply right away.